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The trip tailored on you

To fully enjoy a vacation in a particular area, it is essential to know the space, to know its actors, to know what experiences not to be missed or dishes to be enjoyed. The travel designer was born precisely for this. Lovers and professionals of tourism in Molise, we will provide you with the right advice for a vacation tailor-made for you. We can help you in multiple aspects, including creating an itinerary based on personal interests tailor-made for you. Alternatively, we can help you with trip planning by providing useful information and contacts. In the meantime, you can get an idea by visiting the blog
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What is a travel designer and what does he do?

Tourism is constantly changing and so are travellers' needs. The travel designer is an expert on tourism, especially on a specific territory. And he is all the more expert the more he experiences that territory first hand. Only in this way is it possible to grasp the slightest changes and, consequently, to recommend places and experiences not to be missed. By also being able to count on direct contact with other operators, the possibilities of choice are endless! The travel designer is, therefore, the figure of reference for planning a holiday in a specific area.