Astroturism as an innovative and sustainable way of enhancing territories

An evening with our noses to the sky among stars, constellations, myths and legends. A journey back in time through the discovery of little-known places and viewing the sky above them.
Let yourself be amazed!

Discover the stars with me...

We will go on a discovery of lesser-known places off the usual tourist routes. The distance from the main centers will allow us to admire the celestial vault in all its splendor, allowing us to view planets, stars and constellations. The tale of related myths and legends will also ensure complete immersion with the area and its history. You will be amazed at how many connections there are between the stars, constellations and related myths and the land around us. It will be a journey back in time with a light-hearted narrative usable even by non-experts and children. And, in doing so, you will also learn about all those places not usually considered "touristy" that instead have so much to offer.